Let’s get real

I think I may have a slightly addictive and/or martyr-type personality. Not in an extremely alarming way, but more like a “go till I can’t go no more,” self-destructive type of way. This leads me to hardly ever tear myself away from my kids and/or work, let myself have “me time” and in general allow someone else to take care of it. 

This is really not good. 

I also feel like I have “a third eye”. I know this is a hippy-dippy statement, but when I look at things that have happened in the past and how I’ve felt in the moments leading up to them, I believe this to be true. I feel that journaling (or in a modern world, blogging) is a great way for me to open up this intuition and channel it a little more (? pure speculation here, folks…haven’t done much research on this). So I’ve decided that a return to writing is a great outlet for me.

We’ve had blogs in the past, and in my mind, I’ve felt a lot of pressure… pressure for hits, likes, frequency of posts etc. This time around, I really don’t want to focus on any of that. I’d like to just write and share… and if you find it entertaining or valuable, great. If not, well ok then. 

I love the name of this blog, but if I had to change it to anything, it would be called “let’s get real; parenthood.” I feel like in this age of technology we are constantly bombarded (especially women) by posts, pinters (my husband’s pet name for pinterest pins), tweets, etc etc about our perfect events, occasions, mornings, bible studies, crafts and more. But c’mon people, our lives are hardly perfect!

Sure there are certain times where everything magically aligns and we do end up making kickin’ photo books, chocolate chip cookies, having ethereal 1st birthday parties, or our kids behave perfectly in Target, but the majority of the time our lives can be quite mundane, sad, disappointing or frustrating. This is another aim of this journaling; let’s just be real. And to be really be real, I need some way to reinvigorate my mommy brain!

On the flip side, my aim is also not meant to be purely negative. I don’t feel that is my nature and I don’t want to add fuel to that fire. There is already too much negativity in this world. My main intention is to be realistic and in a round-about way, stop putting such unbearable expectations on my family and especially on myself. Anyone else in that boat?

Well then join me!



A beautiful moment of sister and brother, watching the Jungle Book… and yes that is someone’s boxers in the background…that I’m trying not to freak out about… 



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